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(Archived) Problem: space between task and following text (Win vs. Mac)



This seems to be a problem between the Windows and the Mac version of Evernote. If I create a task symbol in Evernote Mac, it contains a "hard-wired" space after the symbol I cannot delete. If you copy the task and paste it without the formatting( Cmd+Shift+V), you get an "[_]_" (_ means a space, not an underline!). If you do the same with a task created in the Windows version you get "[_]" - notice the missing space after the closing bracket.

This leads to the problem that using the Mac version I cannot access the first letter of the text after a task that was created using the Windows version. E.g.

  • [*:2bflojuu]Create Task in Evernote Windows "[ ]buy milk"
    [*:2bflojuu]Open task in Evernote Mac
    [*:2bflojuu]You cannot edit the "b" of "buy milk" because the Mac version expects it to be the integrated whitespace after the bracket

The Windows version itself seems to automatically render a space between the task symbol and the following text but it does not seem to store it using a space.

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The same "unaccessible text symbol" is reproducable using only the Mac version:

  • [*:2a97slej]Create Task with following text in Mac version: "[ ] buy milk" (do not manually create a space between the task symbol and the text!)
    [*:2a97slej]Move the cursor in front of the "b"
    [*:2a97slej]Press enter
    [*:2a97slej]Another bug: there's now an additional new line between the two lines
    [*:2a97slej]Press backspace thrice(!)
    • [*:2a97slej]the first backspace seems to delete the special space of the Mac version's task symbol
      [*:2a97slej]the second removes the additional newline
      [*:2a97slej]the third moves the text "buy milk" back in front of the task symbol

[*:2a97slej]Now the "b" cannot be accessed anymore, presumably because the specially blocked space symbol was removed using the first of the backspace operations

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