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(Archived) Losing currently edited note in Honeycomb


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I've been using Evernote for awhile now on Android, and on my phone I've been working under the assumption that unless really low memory levels are reached, returning to Evernote while editing a note will take me back to the same place. That is, I can start editing a note (or creating a new one), perform other tasks on the phone, and then return to the editing screen.

On Honeycomb, however, it seems like once Evernote is no longer one of the recent apps that shows up in the list, a currently edited note is lost. When I return to Evernote by clicking on the icon or the widget, I'm taken to the Evernote home screen and the note being edited is no longer available. It's also not saved. Therefore, it seems to be completely lost.

Am I missing something, or is this an issue with Evernote on Honeycomb?

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Thanks for reporting it.

In general, if a note was started from widget then you can go back to it by clicking on the widget icon.

For eg - If you started a new note from widget - typed in something - press home key - go back to the widget - click the new note button - this will bring back the previously started activity.

We will evaluate this experience and try to make it better.

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