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(Archived) Web Based Tagging

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To be blunt, the tagging system in the web based version is really quite awful. Whether tagging or untagging, my only option is to wade through a long list of tags that quite literally spans multiple pages. I've started pruning my tags to only the most important ones to try to make the list more usable -- but it's still a mess and a messy solution.

A few suggestions-

1) Almost every bookmarking service out there (ma.gnolia.com's is great) allows you to type in the tags with autocomplete. I think that this is really imperative.

2) In the note editing view, you have the note title and body and you really should have an editable list of tags, preferably in a text box as is standard. So one can add/remove in bulk quickly and easily. It should incorporate autocomplete.

3) Should you keep the unreadable drop down, clean it up--maybe allow it to span multiple columns and contain it in a block that fits on a single screen and scrolls internally.

4) The "remove tags" drop down should list only tags that are actually attached to the selected note(s). With the current system, I don't even know what tags are on there to remove as there is no indication in the list. If I wish to do any tagging, I pretty much have no choice but fire up the desktop client.

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