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(Archived) Please let me input my email instead of login

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Evening guys,

Think about changing login field to email, the thing is, sometimes one use new OS or computer and when email I can remember, trying to remember which login should I enter - me111 or me1 because others were taken - bit hard when you have to guess for every site you've been registered to.

So I used password reminder, too bad it just let me reset my password, without actually telling me what my login is.

Actually it was possible for me to deduct login, from first try even. But would be nice to let us enter email in login field directly.

Otherwise nice product, thank, good job.

But here are some bugs/suggestions, if its okay to post here:

* When you first add checkbox then press tab to indent text, the formatting gets messed up. I was thinking about it and came to conclusion that maybe storing line as html might help. Literally "text here".

* Also its bit depressing when every note I create ends up being "undefined", even google docs uses first line of text as a heading, "why can't we"?

Thanks, nice notebook, if only formatting and headings could be fixed.

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It would be great if you could provide the information what client each bug/suggestion relates to. We have several clients for different platforms, so often it is not easy to determine what client the user is talking about. :)

Regarding your 'automatic heading' suggestion: Windows client, for example, does use the first line as a note title. Mac client and web client do not (yet), from what I remember.

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