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My initial quick look revealed some incorrect items.

* One or many words will search for at least one of them

Example: ipad tutorial price

This will return all pages with one or more of the words above.

Not true. It will return notes containing all three words. If a note contains only the word "tutorial", it will not appear in the results pane.


Global search in all notes. The

focus is shifted to “all notes” and now you search in all your notes.

The default is Win/shift/f & can be modified by the user.

Apostrofies will search for the exact words in sequence

Example: “ipad tutorial”

Those are quotation marks, not apostrophes.

Adding + and – signs.

Example: +ipad -tutorial

This will return all pages with the word ipad and not the word tutorial in them.

The plus is implied - no need to add it.

Then I stopped reading it.

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Got it and fixed it, partly language, partly to quick written.

The shortcuts, all from within EN and not from windows.

Thank you for the comments. Sorry to "waste" your time.

Will spend more time on proof reading !


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