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Hi there.

I don't know if it is just me, or whether it is a bug, but I'm suspecting it's a bug... I currently have two Macs running Snow Leopard (One is 10.6.6, the other is 10.6.7) and Evernote syncs fine on both, but on one of the Macs, I also have a separate install of the latest Developer Preview Lion 10.7 and Evernote will not sync on this version.

Being a developer preview, this may be a bug in the OS, but it may also be an incompatibility bug in Evernote... When I click the Sync button, absolutely nothing happens. Any notes I create on Lion, cannot be picked up on my BlackBerry or my Snow Leopard laptop, and any notes I make on my BlackBerry or Snow Leopard laptop can be synced with each other, but Lion cannot see them.

It is as if Evernote is completely disconnected from the outside world when using Lion.

Let me know if this may be something I'm doing wrong...


Mike :)

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I had a similar problem - changes would sync from the web to the desktop client in OS Lion, but not vice versa. I opened a support ticket, and were told to uninstall Evernote (I used Appzapper) and then re-install it. Worked.

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I have Evernote running on Snow Leopard on my MacBook Pro and installed Evernote on a new MacBook Air with Lion. With Apple Supports help I ended up removing all my login items and have been putting them back. When I have Evernote as a login item and the Air goes to sleep, it does not wake properly and when I try to use the trackpad there are grey squiggles on the screen. I can get rid of this and get to the login window by closing and then opening the cover. So have removed Evernote as a login item for now.

Has anyone experienced this?


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