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(Archived) searching for audio-files inside a note?




i'm using Version 2.1.0 (142777)

i have created and saved a note filled with a lot of small mp3-files before 2 days.

those files are named "Foobar.2011-01-02 01 23 45.wav.mp3" (and so on for different dates and times...)

today, i'm trying to find "Foobar" in the searchbar for all notebooks, but cannot find any note containing one of those files.

how do i need to search to find "Foobar" (the filename of an attachment) inside those notes?


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thank you both.

with those two links, i've solved my issue.

fileName:"*oobar*" did the job. (Because i don't know to start a search caseINsensitive, i used *oobar instead of Foobar or foobar )

that worked too (but is more to type...):

resource:audio/* fileName:"*oobar*"

but i wonder, why the fileName: isnt mentioned in the Knowledge Base topic...

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Doesn't the following search work?


It's a Knowledge Base topic: https://www.evernote.com/about/kb/article/advanced-search?lang=en.

That didn't work for me in any of the three clients I use (Windows/iPhone/web.)

To clarify, I have an audio file in a note & the audio file name is BobbiNecklace 20110301.mp3

Searching all three clients with:

filename:Bobbin* yields NO results in Windows or iPhone but does find the note in the web (alpha/beta version).


resource:audio/bobbin* yields NO results in any of the three clients.

Don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if the different clients are yielding different results.

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Wait...on a lark...(occurred to me as I was typing the above reply to Jeff...)

OK, the filename attribute seems to be case sensitive. If I search in Windows for:


...I get the note. Now, I'm off to try it on the iPhone...

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Still didn't find it on the iPhone. :)

OTOH, for me, this is NBD, b/c I tend to make notes in the note that will facilitate the search, rather than depend upon looking for the file name. IE, in this case, I have added to the note "Mother talking about giving Bobbi the necklace from Lew." So simply searching on Bobbi & necklace will find the note. If I need to refine the search (in this specific case, probably not), I can go to the attributes pane & select 'contains audio'. I'd rather simply be able to remember some keywords rather than the file name. Having to remember the beginning of the file name rather defeats the purpose (for me) of using Evernote. :)

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I'd rather simply be able to remember some keywords rather than the file name.

and because everybody has and uses an other "routine" to remember something, it would be good for the users of EN, if EN would simply open an up-to-date search related help if the user pressed F1 in the search-bar.... wouldnt it?

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and because everybody has and uses an other "routine" to remember something, it would be good for the users of EN, if EN would simply open an up-to-date search related help if the user pressed F1 in the search-bar.... wouldnt it?

Well, there are a lot of things I think would be good for EN users. But, like any person and/or company, they have to balance time/resources. I'm willing to cut them some slack for things that impede my workflow (and there are a few) b/c I'd much rather use workarounds rather than they overextend themselves & go under. This is pure greed, on my part. It's in my best interest for them to survive. Not b/c I have any financial stake in them because I don't. Rather b/c I use this app more than any single app ever. Ever. I'm not a newbie to computers. I've made my living by "programming" computers since I was 19 (circa 1975) and am pretty computer savvy. I'm also a software junkie & have paid several hundreds, if not thousands of dollars (out of my own pocket) for various apps over the years/decades. And...the single most used app in my arsenal is Evernote. Ever. (Well, technically speaking, I guess EN is superseded by OS oriented "apps" like the OS itself, McAfee anti virus, Malwarebytes anti-malware & Diskeeper (defragger). My electronic notetaking has migrated from txt files to Word docs. My PDAs have migrated from a $15 Casio from Walmart to a $300 iPhone 4. I love that EN is on my desktop computer, iPhone & I can access it from any computer/device that allows me internet access. I love that it's not text only. So much to love about EN compared to what I had to use 15, 10, 5 or even three years ago. Couldn't easily add photos or screen shots to anything. Onenote (an app I paid for out of my pocket & still occasionally use) came the closest but was/is overkill for simple things & is certainly not qualified to be called cross/multi platform. Dos platform?) Although I realize not everyone shares my reasoning (and that's ok - they are certainly free to find/develop whatever app is suitable for their needs), yeah, if I have to cut them (EN) some slack, it's ok by me.

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I just realized the irony of my above post. Today's task is to migrate all my Jott notes to Evernote & my Jott services to something else (Dial2Do) b/c Jott, a service that integrates with EN is going down tomorrow.

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reading this, i thought about myself and found some common ground. i'm "migrated" all my notes and things from any older source to EN, because i know, there will be no program the next years, which can handle/combine that much different data in such a good way, EN does.

i've tested a lot and i'm still testing other programs to help me fight against the loss of my selective retention :-)

EN does its job very good. and i'm happy that i not have to port all the ideas and requests to all the different platforms.

on the other side, i'm paying for a service and expecting the software (EN clients) based on that service (storing/holding personal data) to work as good as possible. that "possible" has grown up the last 20 years while working with computers and all the other stuff that were inventet the last decades. i know, whats possible and i know marketing actions. EN does its job on the marketing better that on developing software. but any company does it nowadays. there is no (software)company which spend lot of time on testing their product, but that doesnt mean, the software is good enough to not get an update every 2 weeks. those updates are bugfixes the most time, we all know. so it turned out, that all the users are betatesters (on a stable release) and the real betatestes are alphatesters.

i love using EN, because it works, but in the same sentence, i need to say, its a plague, because every time, i use it, i found some new bugs or things which could be improved or were changed so i need to change my way using it too.

anyway the last updates on the clients i use are well structured and i get the impression, that the whole crew are working together right now (more then the last years (i'm not using EN a long time, but i read a lot in the forum and see a lot of users which complaining and whining (like me) since a lot of versions/years/updates/etc.) as they did before.

anyway, if the software were'nt that good, nobody wouldnt use it anymore....

and you don't complain and stay by the product if the product is bullshit.

so there must be something, which keeps all the users. (paying or whining) :-)

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