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(Archived) New version tag creation bug



I have 3 notebooks: Inbox, Personal, Work. Since updating yesterday to the new version, I am seeing this behavior:

If I create a note that defaults to the Inbox notebook, but then as I'm tagging the note I change the notebook to Personal, this note is subsequently seen by Evernote as untagged. The note doesn't show up in any searches, EXCEPT for my "untagged notes" search. However, the note is clearly tagged and in the Personal notebook.

However, if I create a note that defaults to the Personal notebook, and I tag it as usual, then it is found in searches as normal and is not seen by Evernote as untagged.

I have replicated this behavior several times. Obviously a new bug!

P.S. I don't know what it takes to create a note that auto-defaults to the notebook I want it in. Many times I'll select the notebook I want (usually Personal) and then click New Note, but the note defaults to Inbox anyway. Drives me crazy.

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I have seen what I believe is the same bug, in the Mac OS standalone EN version 2.1.1.

Some additional information:

I use multiple users on my computer to keep information carefully segregated. On one of my users accounts, following a reorganization of some of my notes, there were tags that appeared in the tags field of some of the reorganized notes, but were not seen by any search I did. But on another user, once it had synchronized, those tags were recognized and found in searches!! The user account that recognized the tags was the one on which I did the upgrade to Mac EN 2.1.1. The other user account was the one on which I did the notes reorganization.

Easiest way I found to fix the problem (and not what you might expect):

1. Do a search for notes without tags, -tags:* , and find the notes of interest. All my notes are normally tagged so this was not a problem for me, but could be a real pain if you don't do much tagging.

2. Move each of those notes to some other notebook. They will now magically be found in a search on the erstwhile ghostlike tags.

3. Now, use search to find the relocated notes, and move them back to the notebook where they belong. The tags will now be visible in Search. Probably there is an internal index that gets out of whack, probably when upgrading the indexes for the EN version upgrade. But why is not all that important. This process does seem to work.

The more obvious way to fix the problem, which it turns out DOES NOT WORK.

Find the notes with tags that can't be seen, delete the tags and then add the tags back. This seems to have no effect. You need to get the note into another notebook. It doesn't seem to matter which one.

BTW: To change the default notebook for clipped notes, go to Preferences/Clipping and the first item will let you change the default notebook for clipped notes. To get a new note to go into a particular notebook, simply select that notebook before you create the note.

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