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(Archived) Way to get List view laid out like mixed view ?



I'd like a way to have the left two column layout like you get in "mixed view" but have it flat like the list view. I have a lot of horizontal real estate which could be best served with the list view residing in a vertical column (just like you have in mixed view minus the icons.)

I looked all over but couldn't find a way to enable it as such so I'm assuming this layout has not been implemented?

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It's a real shame Evernote does not have this view in the mac client NOR does it have a way that you can organize the notes in a predefined order. If it had these two features I'd switch to it over MacJournal (just due to the cross platform concept which I like - even though I'm not longer on Linux .) In MacJournal I can keep a list of work related notes and tasks all in a nice single vertical list with some of the common things moved to the top. I don't want to have to search every timeI want to quickly find common things. Having certain notes in a set place within a vertical list is nice.

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