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(Archived) Is evernote down? Can't log in via PC or iPhone?

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Is evernote down at the moment?

1) I can't log in via Web - get to login page OK but after submitting credentials just waits and no response

2) iPhone won't sync - gets timeout

3) Evernote on Mac application can't sync - keeps getting sync error (e.g. server maintenance of network work issues message)

Anyone else having issues? (would be weird if this is just happening to my account)

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oh - actually still seeing intermittent behaviour re logging in / sync'ing with evernote:

* other US sites are fine (evernote forums are fine too infact), e.g. gmail, twitter etc

* still haven't been able to sync with Evernote for Mac (getting Sync Failure - service maintenance or network problem...)

* evernote web timed out, then next time did log on, a little slow to come up, now hit "refresh" and still not coming back...

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still some problems - latest update:

* Evernote Mac App - will NOT sync (still having problems - service maintenance or network problem)

* JotNote (on iPhone) - when click on send to evernote just get the "Loading..." message and never comes up with the next screen

* Evernote (on iPhone) - seems OK now - sync's ok

* Evernote Web - seems ok now (conducted from my Mac, i.e. same computer used for Evernote Mac App above)

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I have found some of the issues seem to be when I have connectively through my home network:

* JotNot (from iPhone)

- stays stuck on Loading... when using my home wireless network

- works when disconnecting wireless and using carrier data

* Evernote Web

- can't logon (timeout..) on Mac (chrome) via home network

- via iPhone using carrier data can log in with Safari on iPhone ok

Any ideas on this one re fixing/fault finding?

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ok - have now connected to wired network

* Evernote for Mac

- still won't sync

- have deleted it from Applications

- have redownloaded and installed it

- still has sync problem

Q1 - Is there an Evernote user dataset on my MacBook I have to remove to truely delete it?

Q2 - Is there a way to see the detailed logs from Evernote for Mac to see why it won't sync

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When support respond to you, they will ask for a copy of your activity log (in the Help menu). Support works business hours Monday to Friday.

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