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(Archived) version upgrade and no post?

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I came here to do a little reading on the new version that I just installed. I am kind of surprised to see no posting from a moderator here.

Edit: wow, especially when the revenue model finally is showed off to the users (unless I missed it somewhere). 40MB free a month seems a bit low, but that is just me.

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I'll have to think about the 40MB limit.

I do mostly text, so I should be OK.

People that do alot of web page cutting and photos might feel it is kind of tight.

I had never thought of what I was doing in MB terms, just in 'so many notes'.

I guess I'll get to work, and see how quick I can get the meter to raise.

Will the upload window be from ther 13th to the 13th from now on? or will this be a short window, and the 1st will start a new one?

(That could be important)


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For existing users, the cycle will be the 13th to the 13th unless you upgrade to Premium (available soon), in which case the start of the month will reset to the date you upgraded so that you aren't "short changed" on your first paid month. New users will have a cycle based on when they started.

Your current usage and the cut-off dates are available in the Settings page of the web UI, the Properties panel of the Win32 client, and in the "Account Usage..." window from the Evernote menu.

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