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(Archived) Adding Image to Note prevents editing on iPad




With the Mac client 2.1.0 (142777), whenever i add an image from the Mac desktop to a note, the iPad version indicates the note has rich text and prevents editing. If i remove the image from the Mac client i can not edit the note.

When i add images form the iPad client i have no issues as long as i do not replace/add new images via the desktop. This is even after using the "Simply formatting" feature on the mac desktop version.

Is this a known issue and is there a work around? This occurs for any note with an image added from the



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I can confirm that this is the "normal" functionality.

I think the desktop version defaults to rich-text as soon as you do the steps you describe.

the ipad version defaults to simple text.

However, if you go select all, and click on simplify formatting from the format menu, it doesn't actually remve formatting as in BOLD/ITALIC etc.

My guess is that it is indeed a bug as the "simplify formatting" should convert the note to text-only.

Not much of help, perhaps a confirmation of what you already know!


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Thanks for the quick response and validation that I'm not doing something incorrect .

Editing richtext and the ability to interact/report todo checkboxes would be ideal, however i understand providing this feature is not straight forward and that's not a deal breaker for me given the other benefits of EverNote.

The simplify formatting does remove pure text formatting but doesn't seem allow the iPad to edit if images are attached on the desktop. The inability to edit plain text notes with image attachments across all platforms is unfortunate and to some extent reduces credibility of the interoperable claim. Being able to append to these notes saves the claim.

Do we know if this categorized as a bug and if it is being investigated?

Personally, nearly every meeting I attend involves whiteboards and diagrams. Attaching images of these to a note that I can edit on any platform really increases the usefulness of the note and makes me much more efficient in my role in management.



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