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Just so we are straight, if you want to communicate directly with EN staff, you can file a support ticket. Premium users get a reply within one business day & free accounts are addressed as time permits.

Additionally, IIRC, blog posts must be approved. So I doubt your post was deleted, unless it was considered to be spam. It simply may not have been approved, yet.

Having said that:

Requesting support for nested lists: no response.

Requesting feature enhancements doesn't necessarily require a reply. Dave often does post his standard "thank you for the suggestion" quite often here on the board. But, that's also as time permits. Since he's not been on the board a lot in the past few days, I'm guessing he's busy with other, more important tasks at this time, since this is a users board.

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BTW, I just checked the blog post & the last comment was dated 4/26 ~7:30 p.m.. So yes, it appears Andrew has not had the chance to approve any posts subsequent to that. So it's probably not worth getting your shorts in a knot just yet.

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