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(Archived) Minimum specifications for Evernote 3.0 on Android?


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I've recently bought a GeeksPhone Zero Android Smartphone. Here you can see its tech specs:

http://www.geeksphone.com/en/moviles/ze ... ciones.php

So it comes with Android "Froyo", and without Google Apps, but as it is a rooted phone, you can install them and do everything you want.

My issue is the following: When I go into the Google Market App, and I search for Evernote, the Evernote application for Android doesn't appear.

If I try to install it through the web browser, I get a message saying my phone is not ready for that app.

So, my questions are these:

(1) Anyone having this very same or similar problem???

(2) Is it true that my phone is not ready, or is it a Market/Android issue?

(3) Anyway, which are the minimum hardware and software requirements for Evernote 3.0 for Android to be able to work?

Thank you in advance for your answers!! ^_^

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hello. this is affecting me as well. i've got a rooted HTC Hero which yesterday had evernote installed along with a 2.1 based rom but with last night's update to a 2.2 based rom the market won't allow me to install evernote for android either by not making it available within the market app and by declaring it incompatible via web browser.

not posting specs because it's a well known device and because i doubt it's a hardware issue since it worked fine some 36 hours ago.

could you please fix this, 60% the reason i got myself a smartphone on the first place was to be able to use evernote mobile.

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