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(Archived) Evernote 2.1 search bug



I'm having really weird problems with build 2.1 (142777). I've had the following problems:

If I have a note that is titled, e.g., "Black Fox blah" and I search for "black fox" (without quotes) or even "black" - the note doesn't show up. But if I just search for "fox" it does. But this is not true of all notes.

Sometimes typing my search query doesn't seem to do anything at all, but this only happened once or twice.

I've had no problems prior to this update.

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Some more data points: I have the note "Welcome to Evernote"

This note is retrieved by searching intitle:welcome and intitle:evernote, but not by intitle:wel, intitle:ever, intitle:note, or even intitle:to

Seems buggy, or at the least, counter-intuitive.

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Try adding an asterix to the end to do partial matching. E.g. intitle:ever*

I believe that this is from the search grammar. In Windows, I think that the client silently appends '*' to plain text so that it picks up partial matches, but I don't that that's done for search operators like tag: and intitle:

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