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(Archived) Bug with Tables, table within a table


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I can't figure out how to reliably reproduce this bug,

but what happens is sometimes when you CUT text from one table cell and then PASTE it into another, it winds up with a "table within a table" a single 1x1 cell nested inside the rest of the table cell. Winds up looking like this:


UPDATE: I finally figured out how to repro this:

1) launch notepad.exe

2) type:


(you need the carriage returns)

3) select all

4) copy

5) go to EN

6) new note

7) insert 3x3 table

8 ) position cursor in top-left cell

9) ctrl+shift+v (paste as text)

you will wind up with this mess:


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My experience has been that if you select only the text and then paste, you get a basic copy/cut and paste, as shown in image 1.


If, however, you select the entire cell and copy/cut, then you will paste the entire cell, as shown in image 2.


you just have to be careful what you select.

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To build on this, I find the rich text editor confusing because, although it can handle complex html pasted into it, I cannot directly recreate these type of notes. Rather than trying to build all of these in, I would encourage the team to consider a button that swaps between the Rich Text view, to the source code view like vBulletin supports. I know how to do the formatting I want in html, so this would provide me an ease way to format my notes exactly the way I want.

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adding a "developer mode" or "behind the scenes view" so you could get at the code was something I suggested a long time ago but it was shot down-- EN thought it would be too confusing and potentially dangerous for users to be able to modify this code themselves. I still think its a good idea, especially if such a feature was initially hidden from view and needed to be intentionally enabled before it could be used. But I don't want to get too far off topic.

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For anyone who still cares about this, it appears that at long last (it's been almost 2 years since I reported this bug -- and just about a year-and-a-half since Emerick reported it to the Chromium dev team) that work has begun on a fix!




Hopefully the fix won't take nearly as long, and it can be rolled into an upcoming EN point release in the near future.

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It's true that Evernote has a reputation for taking glacially long to fix longstanding bugs and add oft-requested features -- but at least in this particular  case it seems that this one is 'out of their hands' -- the bug lies in the underlying Chromium rich text editing component that EN makes use of.. It's probably not within their means or scope to fix bugs in that engine. Let's just hope that once the Chromium component is fixed that EN bakes it in quickly.

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Sure, I understand that this bug lays on Chromium side, but... (I really don't like to play this card, but still it's valid) as a paying customer I shouldn't really care what kind of open source engine they're using, it's not my problem. They had some reasons to choose Chromium in the first place over developing engine on their own (it surely eased the development in the beginning), but if it now stops them from fixing for over 2 years some really simple bugs maybe they should leave Chromium. Or another idea - maybe they should put some kind of bounty on fixing this bug (like some open source projects start to do), or fix it by their devs and submit a patch... There are some possibilities. Not just ignore it.

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