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(Archived) How are other people using shared notebooks ?

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I am having a hard time using shared notebooks effectively. I currently have two accounts one for my personal items and the second account that is for my work items that is also accessed by my business partner hence the need for separate accounts.

On my computer at home my personal account is my primary account and I have shared out all of the notebooks in the work account so that I can access the notes from my personal account.

The issue is I am often researching or doing other work on my home computer and I capture a webpage or a document that is work related and it ends up in my personal Inbox. Since there is currently no way that I can find to move a note from a primary notebook to a shared notebook I first have to email the note to my work account. I then have to wait for it to be processed and then go an find it in the work Inbox. I then can move it from the work Inbox to the appropriate work notebook. I then have to bo back and delete it from the work Inbox and again go back to my personal Inbox and delete it from there.

Am I missing something to make this easier ?

Can anyone think of a better process ?

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The ability to move notes between notebooks would also be nice for resolving sync conflicts. I currently create a new note in the destination notebook (eg "work") and copy the contents of the old note into it. This is tedious and prone to errors, such as forgetting tags and attachments.

Do you have a premium account for your work account? This allows you to grant write access to shared notebooks. This greatly simplifies adding notes to the shared notebook. Another option would be to log in to the web interface from home with your work account.

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