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(Archived) Automatic Filing

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The mail-to-evenote is a fantistic service, and fantastic that items can be tagged and sorted to notebooks by inserting @Notebook #tag1 #tag2 in the email title.


Why can't we do this directly with note titles? (Sure, I hear the excuse someone might want to use # and @ in note titles . . . )

I'm exploring the use of Evernote as a paperless filing system for Quickbooks (not linked, of course). The incentive is to keep the workflow simple, allow multi-user access, and save $250 over products such as papersaveplus. The drawback is that it is not linked to transactions nor accessible from within Quickbooks. SInce most of the filing is 'file and forget' - the use of notebooks and tags should be adequate.

First problem is the Fujitsu Scansnap software sends to Evernote without allowing an edit of the note title. Using Scandrop ($10 mac app store) I can preview the scan and edit the title.

However, the # and @ do not work as they do in email.

Solution (work-around) is to scan to mail.app. Then I can tag and save in notebook of my choice. I can also edit the note, add written comments. This is such a great way to presort notes, email entry of regular notes can be simpler than using the Evernote application. Takes just a second to type "ev" in the "to" box.

It would be very useful to use the email automatic sort feature for regular notes, and especially for scanned notes. Is there a way to turn this on for everything?

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Actually, this is more useful than being just a workaround. Solved 2 lacking features in a speedy workflow.


1. Instant backup to gmail

2. Tag and assign to notebook easily (using @notebook #tag1 in email title)

3. Added 'template' features using email signature line - (Check Number, Date Paid, Memo, etc)

I never send mail from my gmail acount - I set up a signature line for that account that is a form for additional information. Very easy setup on the mac, next step is to do the same on my PC.

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I wanted to scan receipts into evernote but subsequently retrieve/easily identify them from the transaction Item within QuickBooks. I right click within evernote on the scanned document and "Copy Note Link" and then paste that into the Memo field in QuickBooks. It avoids any problems/confusion over whatever Quickbooks is doing with their Document Center/Attached Documents or having to pay extra for something like PaperSave that has direct integration to Quickbooks. If I ever need the receipt I have it from the Memo field!

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