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(Archived) REQUEST: Notifications for shared notebooks

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Again, I'm sure someone has suggested this before now, but for shared notebooks, it would be really powerful to have a notification option, set at the notebook level, so that all users sharing the notebook get email notifications when new notes are created, existing notes are edited, etc. I use Evernote as a collaboration tool but right now it requires team members to send an email saying "check out the new note", which of course most people forget to do. It could also be set up as an opt-in per user to allow email notifications.

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+1 on notification.

Would prefer an RSS feed as notification method.


Ummm. On second thought, there could be security problems with RSS feeds for limited share noetbooks.

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I think it would be great if note that are updated by a shared used could be flagged with an "!" or something. That would make it really easy for groups of people to monitor activity without being inundated by emails. My boss and I are sharing notebooks with a couple other employees and it would be great to see what notes have had recent activity without having to check each one or get an email.

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Ha ha ha, yeah, you're right. This (note update notifications) was just one thing that my team really wanted to know about. We get so many emails throughout the day on our phones and locally that it would be really nice to have notifications be as light as possible. That's why I suggested a flag or "!."

Everyone has their own needs, I guess . . . ;)

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I have been using a changed today search (updated:day -created:day) to review updates. I assume any changes made same day are just getting it right and are not really changes. Something like that could help absent other notifications.

The note links for the search results could then be copied into an update summary note in the shared notebook. eg. Title = 2011-09-28 Updates, etc.

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This would be a great feature, I think push notifications can be sent by the notebook modifier if they want everyone to know there is changes, that would reduce the amount of notifications. I believe it should come as a popup on the screen from the tray or on the mobile device like a text message would come. This does not seem difficult for programming, is it?

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I'm increasingly using Evernote for collaboration but the one thing holding it back is the lack of practical notifications. A total of the number of notes updated in a notebook is next to useless for a notebook containing more than the number specified. Please: who, when, what. I suspect that some of those updates are really only someone else opening and closing the note and not actually changing anything. Email notifications or use of the Notification Centre in Mac or iOS are a good opt-in but I just need a list of what's changed. Something a bit more like DropBox Events I guess.

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