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(Archived) Access to data without evernote?

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Hi :-)

im thinking about using evernote but its important for me to have access to my notes also without evernote. So if evernote sometimes doesnt exist anymore i have access to my notes anyway.

I googled but just found that you can export data in a evernoteformat. But what if evernote really isnt available anymore? How can i use my notes in evernote then?

A sync to Google Docs or Dropbox or just a Backupfunction with the plain data would be nice, but i havnt found something about it yet.



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Your data is on your computer -

on a mac it is at /users/(username)/Library/Application Support/Evernote/data/content

Notes are in numbered folders such as p123 etc, with gaps. There is an html file and a two png files - as well as any attachment (which gets renamed from it's original file name). Looks like the database is in the data folder.

The real question . . . Can everything be rebuilt with the evernote.sql file and all the html files? My guess is yes. But since EV is on the web, and on multiple systems (with additional backups) I'm not too worried about it.

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