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(Archived) Evernote Encrypted on EN servers?

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Below is an article discussing about encryption of EN database...


1) For premium users all data is encrypted.... Is the data indexed and then encrypted? What is encrypted, notes or also pictures?

(Note: I am clear with regards to ability to encrypt text in notes locally in client)

2) Do I need to turn on the encryption or is it automatic enabled for Premium users? What happens if the user is no longer a premium user and becomes a free user?



http://mailbox.allthingsd.com/20100127/ ... -evernote/

Your review of the Evernote notes-storage service last week made it sound tempting. But do they encrypt my notes on their servers so a hacker can’t steal them? And what happens to my notes if they go out of business?

A: Evernote isn’t a purely cloud-based (Internet-based) system. It does store your notes on its servers, for Web access, but it also exists as a synchronized local application on Windows, Mac and every major smart phone. So your notes are stored locally on the hard disks of your various computers. Local storage is available on the iPhone app, and the company says it plans to add local storage to Android phones soon. Thus, even if the company went out of business, the notes on your Mac or PC or iPhone would be safe.

Evernote says it doesn’t encrypt data on its servers because it indexes all your notes for quick searching, and performs image recognition on photo notes, and it claims encryption would prevent that. Your user name and password, however, are always encrypted in transit, according to the company, and passwords aren’t stored on its servers—even if you have a free account. For premium users ($5 a month or $45 a year) all of the data, not just user names and passwords, are encrypted.

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TheGurkha is correct. The exception is if you encrypt text, using EN's encryption feature. That is stored on the EN servers, encrypted. And if you forget your encryption password, EN will not be able to help you recover the encrypted text. (Which is the case with any true encrypted data.)

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