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(Archived) Tag filtering


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Great changes in recent updates to the android app. First off, thanks for that.

The number one thing I've been waiting for since first beginning to use evernote is the ability to filter down the list of tags to just show the relevant ones to where you are (which notebook or stack you are in). This has slowly been implemented on the desktop clients, I really hope it is a priority for the mobile clients too.

Usually when casually browsing my notes I want to see a relevant list of notes within 2 or 3 clicks.

1. I'll choose a notebook or stack

2. I want to choose a tag or two.

The problem with step 2 in that process is that I have hundreds of tags and they are too unwieldy to scroll through. If the software could just see that I have already made a selection (a notebook or stack) and just show me the tags related to that selection, it would be so much more intuitive and powerful.

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Being able to search for tags would be excellent as well. This may be possible but I have not figured out how to. I have ~125 tags sorted hierarchically and easily forget how exactly I sorted them. If I was able to type a couple letters to find the tag quickly that would be a savior.

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