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(Archived) Safari clipper



After the last update, my Safari clipper disappeared...the one that was in the Safari toolbar, not the one that is in the header by the clock. In preferences, it still shows the Safari clipper box checked. Is there any way to bring the clipper back? I like it better than the one in the header by the clock for quick clipping.

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Hi Dave,

I've also recently upgraded and have lost the clipper from my Safari toolbar. I've tried (with Safari closed) enabling and disabling the clipping in evernote, relaunching evernote etc. but no success. Any other suggestions?


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Same thing happening here despite several uninstall/reinstalls and a fresh download of the Clipper. I don't know where to look for conflicts, etc. if there are any known ones. Not sure where Evernote installs the Clipper, but I'd sure like to get it back.

The only other extension I rely on regularly in Safari is 1Password. This just happened today, though. It was working fine yesterday and neither Evernote nor 1Password was updated yesterday (or even in the last few days, as far as I know).


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