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(Archived) Evernote and 1Password fighting in Safari toolbar



I stopped using Evernote quite some time ago, mostly because the Evernote icon on the Safari toolbar kept moving and removing my 1Password icon.

I recently reinstalled it and am shocked to find that more than a year later this same annoying, ridiculous bug still exists. How can this possibly be not fixed by now?

I have searched the forums and everywhere else I can find, but do not find any indication that it has ever been officially "fixed." I find little evidence that the problem has ever been acknowledged.

Does anyone else have newer or better information about this bug?


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I've had this issue, too, using latest Safari build (Version 5.0.5 (6533.21.1), and EN Version 2.0.5 (130391).

What happens is that the 1Password icon will disappear, or move to the far right (onto the other side of the Google search field).

The fix I've found is to place at least one icon between the EN and 1P icons. I just use the Autofill icon that's available from the pallet available at View: Custom Toolbar...

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