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(Archived) Image Storage for Web Clips

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I've really been enjoying Evernote, but have run into one minor but annoying issue. Web Clips reference their original URL for images and other assets, meaning that if for some reason the original website goes away or is otherwise inaccessible (perhaps I've not logged into the site on the device that I am viewing my notes from), the images also disappear. I would hope to use Evernote to permanently archive the things that I am taking notes on, so I don't like being subjected to the vagaries of the original site!

Evernote can already embed images that I add to my own notes, so why not those included in web clips? I would be absolutely thrilled if this were to become an option. Until then, I'll have to use the screenshot feature for sites who's permanent stability/accessibility I don't trust, but that is obviously not ideal because it makes text unsearchable, etc.

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When you clip a web page to Evernote, we try to retrieve and store the images from that page inside of Evernote itself to avoid this problem. We only point to the original image URL if we can't get the image ourselves. For example, if you try to clip via our Javascript-based bookmarklet from a web site that won't allow our servers to access the images remotely.

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I realize this thread is almost a year old but I would like to resurrect it. I'm using EN for Windows and it appears that when doing web clips that EN still points to the original image URL in some cases. I'm wondering if there's an easy way to determine on which notes the images are actually embedded in the note and on which notes the image is being displayed via the URL? I notice that if an image is embedded in the note it will open in the Windows Photo Viewer when double clicked and when linked it will open in my web browser with a single click. Not really feasible to go through every note clicking images so I was hoping for a better way to figure out which notes I need to worry about potentially losing images from if the original image source goes away. Thanks so much!

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