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(Archived) Migration from MS OneNote

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I want to migrate from my MS OneNote 2007 to EN and I'm running into issues and looking for suggestions.

First the bullet points and indention from OneNote to EN isn't the same. What I mean is that a circle/square bullet point in OneNote shows up as some dollar sign type character in EN. In addition in OneNote I have the different levels however in EN there is no indentation - they are all at the same level. This is just a simple copy and paste.

Now on the import I'm getting inconsistent results. I can take a text section from OneNote and import into EN and it seems to think there is some image in the OneNote Note so of course it imports the Note as a image instead of text. I've gone through the OneNote very detailed so either i'm missing this image or the import isn't working correctly.

So bottom line - what are the best practices from moving from OneNote to EN? I'm only doing this so I can use an Apple at work instead of my PC.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Sdadell, :)

Try posting your findings (like a list of all formatting that didn't convert over) in the Windows forum so that the Evernote team can see what can be improved in the future. Maybe someone can offer you some other suggestion too.

I moved like, wow, thousands and thousands of notes and many notebooks from OneNote to Evernote. I haven't checked the formatting, though I did notice that everything that was supposed to be on a new line is on a new line.

Even without formatting, at least all the stuff is now in Evernote. Good luck! (looking forward to your post in the Windows forum)



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