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(Archived) Evernote the defacto search tool

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Evernote is great for searching for things I had noted that I may need later and I filed in Evernote. However, so many times I wish I could use Evernote to search websites I had been or for files on my hard drive or network drive. I use the desktop search engine Copernic which will search web history as well as files on the hard drive and network drives. I wish I could merge the two program’s functionality and have a program that not only will hold information I know I would want to search for later, but could find information that I didn’t know I would be looking for later.

I would love to see Evernote evolve into a desktop search program as well as a note taking program. That or, make it’s database file open for developers to write extensions for Google Desktop or other programs to search the database.

Other then that, Evernote is a great note program.

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