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(Archived) New notes sometimes do not show up



There seems to be a pattern where I create a new text note in Evernote for Android and the note will not show up in Evernote for Mac (2.0.5 130391), even after syncing and restarting (the Mac and the application) multiple times. The note shows up almost right away in EN for Android, EN for iPhone, EN for the PC and EN for the web, however.

Is this a known issue? I have been extremely busy and haven't had time to experiment with it yet.

Edit: One more clue. After several hours of the new note not showing up in EN for Mac, I created a new note in EN for the web for testing purposes, saved it, synced EN for the Mac, and voila the just-created test note and the previously-mentioned real note (created several hours before) both appeared like magic.

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If this happens again, can you try clicking on a different notebook on the left side and then clicking on the right notebook again to see if the "missing" note appears?

I believe this may be a display problem, that the new note isn't showing up in the list immediately, even though it is synchronized.

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