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(Archived) Stacks not showing up like in screenshot


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You'll have to long press on a notebook and put it in a stack from the android UI, or do it from the desktop or web versions. When you look at your notebooks on the web or desktop, do you see them in stacks?

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I've typed this reply four times now, since it telling me I was forbidden to post in Firefox, I'm trying IE now. It also forbade me to respond to your DM back to me...

Anyway, yes, I can view the stacks on the web and on the desktop. The Android version just has the notebooks listed individually, although it indicates which stack the notebooks are in. For example, one of them says "Groceries in Shopping" (where "Groceries" is the name of the notebook and Shopping is the name of the Stack)

/crossing fingers that this posts for me...

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same thing happens to me (latest market version)...

'Title' View was enable by default, everything displayed as expected including 'stacks'

Switched to 'count' view, everything displayed as expected, no stacks, notebooks just listed flat

Switched back to 'title' view, nothing happens, it stays on 'count' view, display options thinks its in count view, but what is displaying is 'count view'.

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