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(Archived) Taking notes on mac?



I want to buy a laptop for school.

I cant decide between the XPS 1330 and a macbook. The laptop is going to be used for school and taking notes. If i was to buy the XPS, it comes with vista in which i can use onenote. I see that mac's dont have onenote and dont really have a good alternative. If i dont find a good note taking app for mac, whats the point of buying one? I looked at evernote but i dont know if it's any good. People with macs, what app do you use to take notes on your mac?

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Erm, you are on the Evernote forums....

I'm guessing most of the people on here use Evernote.

There are also many many reasons why you'd choose a Mac over a PC - particularly one running Vista.

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I use a MacBook and just converted the whole family to Macs. Will never go back.

And I use Evernote for note taking and love it. For hand written notes, I use Noteshelf which exports to Evernote to keep them all in the same place, tagged and organized. Love it!

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