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(Archived) 2.1 Beta 2 Note Sharing causing note conflicts



Love the new note sharing feature in Beta 2, but I'm having an issue with it. When I share a note and click on the link to view it, a conflicted note will be created if/when I update the note with additional information.

That is, for example: I create a note, type blah blah blah in the body, click share and copy the URL and visit the page. I then go back to the note and add additional text and either manually sync or allow it to sync normally and the locally updated note will get dumped into a conflicted notebook. This doesn't appear to happen if I repeat the same procedure online.

Is it just me? I've tried it three times and each time has yielded a conflicted note.



Hmm. Just tried the same procedure minus actually visiting the URL and it too created a conflicted copy.

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