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(Archived) Tags vs Notebooks Part II

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I've read a ton of threads on this forum on the whole tags vs notebooks debate and I still have yet to convince myself which method will be easier for me.

I know this has been discussed at length, but I haven't seen any posts on the topic since stacks were introduced a few months ago. For now, I think stacks makes the most sense for me personally as I think tags have the potential to become to crazy too fast.

I'm a new user as of about 2 months ago so I only have 54 notes thus far. My current setup consists of 3 notebooks: Personal, Work, and Quick Notes (where I dump everything quickly to be organized later). I then have nested tags setup - for example, with work it would be:

Work (12)

Work-Meetings (6)

Work-ProjectA (2)

Work-ProjectB (3)

I've tagged everything using the sub-tags, and anything appearing in those sub areas also get tagged with the parent "Work". Seems to work okay, but I'm wondering about going back to doing the same thing, but with stacked notebooks. It seems to accomplish the same task, but notebooks seem to provide a more rigid, structure, whereas tags could overlap, and become confusing with the addition of more notes -- even though I realize that's also the benefit of tags.

So I guess my question is, are tags still as useful now that EN has implemented "stacks"?

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So I guess my question is, are tags still as useful now that EN has implemented "stacks"?

Absolutely. Stacks are mainly useful for organizing collections of notebooks, and also because you can direct search queries to particular stacks (the only way to search specific, multiple notebooks). But at the base, your main organizational tools are really notebooks and tags.

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