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(Archived) Making "connections" between tags

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I think it would be great to creat some "connectors" between tags. This way when creating a note you can be prompt to add some tags regarding connectors or time you used this tags or the tag you already add to thsi note.

I hope I'm clear enough but I'm realy disposed to discuss regarding this idea/feature.

Good job guys!

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Sounds complicated. I think that you'd need to explain this more. Generally speaking, "connectors" conect things to each other; what are you proposing connecting tags to (or to tags)?

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I know this is unclear but for example in my gmail mailbox when I'm creating a mail to a friend of mine, I have an add-on that give me some names to add to this email, regarding how many times I'm emailing them too.

This is quite the same idea for EN tags. For example if I use many time the tag computing with the tag project, when I'm entering the tag computing, EN can propose project.

Do you understand a little bit more my thoughts, I hope my English is OK. This is where the connectors take some sense, computing can be "connected" to project.

Sorry to reply so lately but I didn't get any mail notification of your reply...

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