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Hi all,

I am using evernote windows daily and liking it very much.

When I paste an object (picture or text) from the web it appends a horizontal bar on the bottom. Is there a way I can insert this bar manually while typing my notes. Sometimes I like to separate different topics within the same note and this bar will be a good way to organize. Now I just type in "_______" to make my own bar but this is inconvenient.

Thanks in a advance.

Alex :D

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I'll second this and chime in on a related request. I think merging notes is a most useful feature in Evernote and am glad it carried into 3.0. I use merge to gather up mutitple clips on the same research topic into one note and reduce clutter. However, once merged, the beginning of one note is often hard to distinguish from the end of the previous (merged) note. They all visually run together.

My request is an option to insert a horizontal bar between merged notes.

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