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(Archived) Formatting messed up in Web and iOS clients




I've already found a couple of threads with regard to incorrect fonts in the iOS versions of Evernote, but I'm having an issue where none of my notes look 100% correct in both the Evernote web interface and iOS clients (compared to the Mac desktop client). Either the fonts are too small or too big, the wrong font is displayed (serif font instead of a non-serif font used in the desktop client) and in some cases spacing is incorrect.

Even more, when I export a note as HTML in de Evernote Mac client, the output is different from the note I see in the client (incorrect fonts, incorrect spacing, etc). Some of my notes contain bold and plain Arial fonts for regular text and Andale Mono for pieces of source code in between (fonts selected from the font list in the desktop client). Unfortunately these notes look pretty bad in anything but the desktop Mac client.

Some bold text formatted as Arial will show up as 'Font Family' in the web interface. The Andale Mono text will look ok in the web interface, but when you select it, the font dialog again says 'Font Family' instead of the actual font name. Other plain paragraphs (using Arial) look ok and have the correct font displayed in the drop down list.

Any tips on how to fix this are more than welcome!

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