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(Archived) Locking my notes

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While you can't password protect a note or notebook you can encrypt the text of a note. This is achievable via the desktop version of the software (mac or win)

You would simply highlight the text you want to encrypt, right click (ctrl+click for mac) and choose encrypt text. then create a passphrase

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The option for locking my whole Evernote app via a pin code is a huge wish for me! I don't understand why this option isn't available jet. Anybody does? I've seen much requests and complains about this, on many websites. The notes encryption isn't a good option. It breaks my 'flow' and isn't available on iOS.

Anyway, I keep hoping it will be available someday, so I can put confidential business stuff in Evernote without worrying if someone who wants to play with my iPad/iPhone reads it.

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