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(Archived) PDF creation for EN

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Hi, I know this might not be too EN related, but I use this for EN anyway.

I subscribe to various journals I read for my business. And some of these journals I would like to save them for future uses. After years, I have tones of articles in batch, unsorted.

My plan is to slip all these articles to the ADF (Auto Document Feeder? That thing that automates scanning) on my All-In-One printer/scanner. Make them into PDF, and upload all of them to EN, and have them indexed for future searches.

My problem is the articles are 2 sided. So, if I go through them, I will have 2 PDF documents, 1 with all odd pages, and the other with even pages.

My question is if anyone know a program that can combine both odd and even pages to 1 document correctly? I know I can do them manually in Acrobat, but my total articles need scanning is in the realms of thousands.

Thanks for the pointers.

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