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(Archived) Paste to Evernote option not working

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New user with some issues.

On a MAC.

When I go to a web site and select some text and an image (as shown in the video) then select the "paste to Evernote" option in the menu bar I get a note in Evernote which contains nothing more than a hyperlink to the web site where I had selected the text and image from.

When I select the text and image and press the "Clip to Evernote" bookmark it works as it does in the video (I see the text and image as a note on the desktop client.)

When I choose the "clip screenshot into Evernote" option from the menu bar it works as well.

How do I get the first option to work properly as it seems to be the quickest and easiest method?

ETA - it looks like I was missing a step - COPY. Didn't see that being done in the video. Once I COPY after selecting the text and image then hit PASTE it works.

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