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(Archived) Evernote for Mac: Scandrop



Another great workflow is Scandrop. Free for Windows, now $9.99 for mac (I swear I paid $2 last week) but worth it. Works with a variety of scanners.

http://www.officedrop.com/scandrop-scan ... -software/

PC: http://www.officedrop.com/scandrop-scanning-software/

I have a Fujitsu ScanSnap 1500 and this software takes over where the ScanSnap software stops. Note the ScanSnap does not have an 'organizer' for mac, only windows. Scandrop gives you a visual look at each scan (for arrangement or deletion) and can easily switch output to evernote, google docs, printer, file folders, etc. I can put together long documents (100 pages +) in a pdf and verify scanning, page orientation and arrangement before committing the scans to file. The basic settings are still set in ScanSnap (see scandrop support page for setup). Note the "scan" icon does not start a scan with Scandrop, it is initiated with the button the the scanner.

The ScanSnap comes in a Mac and PC version, but I think the only difference is the color (Mac is all white, PC's white/black or black). Software bundled may be different, I didn't look if the Acrobat Pro is Mac only or both versions. Also, the scanner is much smaller than the pictures indicate, and it folds up to a small "box".

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This is a very useful app, but be aware that it is prone to fail while trying to upload to Evernote with an "authentication token" error. The maker's tech support is working on it. If you ask them about it the first suggestion will be to quit scandrop and restart, which does work, but at the cost of losing the file you're trying to assemble, which in my most recent case was more than 20 pages.

As an alternative, you can redirect the output to your local disk, which is better in many ways because it makes it possible for you to drag it into the local installation of Evernote.

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Thanks, fortunately I have not experienced the problem.

Between the ScanSnap, ScanDrop and email, sending the scan to email (mail.app) provides the most usability. It gives me an area to add notes, and I can tag(#) it and assign to a notebook(@) without ever looking at or opening EN. ScanDrop lets you tag it too, but you have to scroll through all your tags.

I now use ScanDrop for sending to Google Docs. Works great, and you can select the folder from the scan window.

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The "authentication token" problem came up again today. I've reported it in app reviews on the Mac App Store and discontinued using Scandrop until a fix is in place.

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Scandrop tech support tells me that Evernote has a requirement that it's (or your) "authentication token" times out and as a result their app should be stopped and restarted from time to time.

Is this correct? If so, can you fix it? They're having a hard time understanding the problem.


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Thanks. I have a conference call (a screenshare) scheduled for 2 p.m. EDT Friday. I hope they'll be able to figure it out by then.

It's a nice app, very helpful, but I'm not enchanted about having the upload rejected for what sounds like a BS problem, after I've done all the coding for tags &c.

It does concern me that their first response when I contact them (three times so far) is always to offer to refund my money. I'd rather have the app work with EN, so I've refused so far.

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