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(Archived) Force Plain Text all the time?



I currently have 634 notes in Evernote. I would have FAR more, except I really dislike the formatting options - or actually, the inconsistency with formatting and the core functionality of the program, ESPECIALLY on different platforms.

I've tried to use it to replace TextEdit on Mac (plain text) and Notepad on Windows (plain text). I copy and paste lots of stuff, and formatting is always wacky. I usually end up Cutting the text from Evernote, pasting it into TextEdit/Notepad to strip formatting, and then cut it from there and paste it back into Evernote.

For printing, I usually copy the text from Evernote and then paste it into Word to print.

I use "PureText" on Windows to strip formatting, and I've been trying to force myself to use Shift+Cmd+V on Mac to remove formatting. I've searched the forum and have found similar people asking for a quick way to strip all formatting.

Is it possible to hard-code Evernote (through some sort of hex-edit, hack, patch, etc) to ONLY work with Plain Text?

It seems on my iPhone and iPad, it do Plain Text only (THANK YOU). Strangely, the iPad version lacks the FAVORITES folder I have on the iPhone version! I use that folder ALL THE TIME to quickly "bookmark" important notes.

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I think another option could be one that the lightweight word processor Bean on OS X uses which is you can use the edit menu (or corresponding shortcut keys) to paste in rich text or paste in plain text and have the app strip formatting for you.

What I would really like is a "view HTML source" because I frequently clip pages and get bizarre spacing issues that can't be fixed with the supplied editing tools.

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