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Hello there!

Being my first foray into using Evernote, I may be missing something about its use and capabilities. I was under the impression that I could e-mail most file types (.doc, .xls, .pdf, .gif, .jpg, .tif, etc) as attachments in an e-mail to my Evernote e-mail address, to then be able to view them in Evernote. Is this not correct? For example:

  • I created a file in Pages on my iPad

  • I then e-mailed said Pages file as a Word doc (.doc) attachment to my Evernote e-mail address from my iPad

  • I was under the impression that I could then open my Mac Evernote application to be able to see said Pages file as a Word doc

  • Instead, I only see my signature as an Evernote note (i.e. "Thank you, Berklie" - the only text in the e-mail); the Word doc attachment is nowhere to be seen

Is being able to see attachments not how Evernote is supposed to work? I do have the free account, so I do not know if that is a limitation. Thank you in advance for any help,


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Free accounts only support PDF and the most common image types. If you want to send Pages files then you need to go Premium. You can try it out for a month if you want to get a feel for whether you will find it useful or not.

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By going Premium, I was able to now see any attachment sent to my Evernote account. Thank you. I have a follow-up question, however:

  • Is there a way to "pull" the attachment out of the e-mail message that was sent to my Evernote account?

What I mean is, I have no need for the actual e-mail that was sent to my account... only the attachment it contained. Currently, I still see the e-mail message (which has no text of any value) that contains the attachment. I really only would like to see the attachment, and not the e-mail at all. So, is there a way to only have the attachment be the Note, and get rid of the e-mail that was used to send the attachment?

Thanks so much,


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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