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(Archived) 2.6.2 and Beta 3.02 modification date bug


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I tested under 2.6.2 (and the prior release) and the newest beta that editing a note does not change the modification date.

Each edit, I used the Web and OSX interfaces to confirm that the mod date wasn't changing so the note would never bubble up with the sort-by date.

I edited an existing note in a regular notebook on the Android with 2.6.2 and whatever was prior. With the issue still occuring from editing the body, I tried to add tags. Still without mod time changing, I made the notebook offline, deleted the shortcut on the home screen, edited the note again from the notebook screen, and still no change in the mod date on the desktop or web app.

I then upgraded to the latest beta and confirmed same issue.

I'm not panicking but this caused me some confusion as you can imagine. I now sort by note name in the desktop app.

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Hi Matthew,

I've double checked this on my local build and it seems to be working on my account. Are you sure that the updated date isn't updating, or could it just be that on the web and desktop you have your notes sorted by created date and not updated date. Are you checking the updated date from the note details on the desktop and web or how are you determining what the note's current updated date and time is?

Thanks for the help,


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I didn't do the most scientific testing sorry and I omitted something from the post that could be relevant.

I was focused on one note on a single device that I would launch and edit from a shortcut on the first version I installed to the phone after a data reset of a about 8 days ago. I determined the note wasn't syncing for some reason because my updates were not actually showing up on either client - something that had nothing to do with the modification date. This is where I updated to 2.6.2 which "fixed" the sync issue but then I needed to find it by creation date.

I just now launched and confirmed that on the OSX client that specific notebook that it was set for "Notes by Date Updated". Then when I clicked into the OSX "All Notebooks" the note I said wasn't sorting by modification date, was there at the top...

So, it seems safe to say:

* The Beta works

* I could've forgotten to set the Web sort by on some or all of the tests after I did the 2.6.2 update (sorry!)

I'll try to do a new 2.6.2 test on another Android phone of mine which has never had Evernote by:

* created note via OSX client

* installing 2.6.2, loading the note and creating a shortcut

* modifying the note, confirming sync then checking each client

I'll report back.

Thanks much!

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