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(Archived) Attachments in notes on Android


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I could use a little help.

Is there a trick or method to viewing a file(.xls) attached to a note, then saving it back to the note? This works in a very straight forward manner from the Windows client.

When it is tried in Android, using Quickoffice Pro, it claims it is going to do it, then simply drops it to the SD card.

Does anyone know if it's even possible on the phone.

Google Nexus One

Android: 2.3.3

Quickoffice Pro v:4.0.12



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Is this an Evernote or Android limitation? Does the same thing apply to the IPAD app? Being able to edit and save attachments with a third party app on Evernote for android (as in the windows client) would be extremely usefull - especially since tablets are the future. The current way of saving to the SD card and modifiying or creating a new note is painful and time consuming.

I love the latest version of Evernote on Android (3.1beta). Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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