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(Archived) Clipping--1 click should save URL and entire page content

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Maybe I've been spoiled by using Instapaper and Read it Later on my ipad. No, actually, I thought Evernote should work like those apps do before I knew they existed. All I want is this:

When I find a page of info on the internet that I want to save in its entirety for future reference, it seems like I should be able to use the Evernote browser button to save/clip the entire contents of the page and the URL automatically. Not only that, it should be saved, graphics and all, in a format that can be read when my computer is offline.

Is this functionality going to be added eventually? Please, please, please?

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I just re-downloaded the Safari clipper just to see if the current version works any differently. The Evernote button I was using before was up in the Apple bar, outside of Safari, and it did not allow me to clip a whole page along with the URL. It allowed only clipping a screen shot I had to enter the URL by cutting/pasting.

This time the button is in Safari, next to the URL box. It does allow me to capture the whole page and URL automatically. :D

I'm not sure how I missed this when I was first downloading Evernote and the clipper--I thought the clipper I got was for Safari even though it appeared in the Apple bar. Anyway, it looks like my problem is solved.

Now if it would just save web content so it can be read offline. Or is there something more I don't know about?

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Which client are you using? And which browser?

Client: Mac (MacBook Pro) -- am I answering this correctly?

Browser: Safari

Yes you are.

When you use Evernote, are you logging into evernote.com? Or using the Evernote application?

If you are using the application, then you don't need to be on-line to view your notes (as long as you have sync'd). If you haven't got the app, you can download it from evernote.com or the Apple app store.

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