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(Archived) ANNOYANCES with EN

Mata Hari


minkowski wrote:There are a number of annoyances which I experience with EN, listing some of them here.

Kindly add your own annoyances !

EN 2.2.1 has some improvements though...

I have tested EN in Mac OS X , not in Windows. I heared that some of the annoyances are only present in Mac. That is strange. Why should the Windows version be different from the Mac version

- Help files and Knowledge base is quite bad... Sooner or later you have questions.... and where can you ask ? here in the Forum. Or become a Premium user to get support from the EN team directly.

- There are differences between the Mac and Windows version of EN. These are nowhere explained.

F ex in the Windows version I see the number of words and characters in a Note, but not in Mac. Etc.

- Tables cannot be edited. I cannot insert rows and columns in a table after creation, nor can I change width etc

- Searching: no automatic saving of search terms. To search again, you must write the same search term again.

- Searching is not user friendly, requires learning a strange syntax: f ex intitle:.... for searching a Note title; or Stack: .... for searching Stack title etc. Just look at the help file and you will see how awkward this is.

Or try to find the notes with attachments (any kind of attachment). It is unusually complicated.

- Search special characters like == etc not possible.

I could not search for numbers either. F ex I have a number 1234 and search 23, EN will not find it. But if I search 123 it will find it.

- Cant search for more than one word. If I search "Ever Note" , the search result will be Ever or Note or Ever Note. Very confusing.

- Searching is buggy. Example: search for ARGUING and then search for ING.

EN will find ARGUING but not ING in the word ARGUING.

Sometimes EN is returning notes that do not contain any match at all.

- Searching does not return the number of total matches in all notes. It may show the number of matches in a particular note, but only if you activate Show Search Explanation and only if you magnify to full screen, and only in Mac version (not in Windows) and only if ... etc etc.

- Searching in Mac will highlight the search matches but darkens the rest of the text so you cant read it.

The Windows version will not darken text but the highlighting is difficult to see (yellow is bad contrast to the rest of the text)

- Color: cant reproduce a color, for text

- Undo-Redo: How many undo steps are there ? if you don't know this, you lose data.

(- No Back Button (History Browsing) but the EN 2.2.1 has a very stupid implementation of the simple idea of Black Button, it is really strange, not usefull)

- "Single Note Sharing" is now (version 2.2.3) possible; it was not possible in previous version as I pointed out. It used to be sharing of a Notebook.

Laud the EN Staff! yet the "Shared by...." should not be there. I want to share publicly and anonymously.

On the online version you cannot share a permalink. Send Link command (right click) is useless.

This link uncovers all your EN on the web !!! a treachorous command. Who wants to disveil ALL the notes he has done ?

- Capturing is often not preserving the format of the original (read in the Manual).

I tested by pressing the elephant icon while on a web page. The result is buggy.

It is not possible to get rid of all that gibberish formatting (there is no Unformat button), if you would like to.

- No automatic detection of links which you write manually , i e http://---- This is a bug, as EN team admits.

- Worst: it is easy to lose data; EN has no warning. That is perhaps the reason EN has a command called History Notes. But only for Premium Users... This command is of little use if you don't get a warning that data have been deleted. I have no idea when this happens; the only thing I can say is that EN is a very unreliable storage for data.

EN staff are clever people: they make you lose data without warning, and then they know you will become a Premium user (paying user).

- Suddenly you get duplicates of your notes. I have no idea how they got there, replacing other important notes! there is no way to detect duplicate notes either. EN gives no warning. Therefore I repeat: EN is a very unreliabel storage for data !

- Merging Notes is only working if they are selected adjacent to one another. This is usually not possible since the notes I want to merge are not adjacent so they cannot be selected.

The opposite, to split up a merged note is not possible.

- Duplicate files are allowed. F ex if I can create all files in EN with exactly the name "Untitled Note"

This may easily lead to lots of confusion, if you are not observant.

- Not possible to toggle the Format Toolbar; this Toolbar reduces my screen area about 10% .

- Exporting cannot preserve the folder hierarchy. It will exports a long list of Notes.

Importing will therefore not be correct either. You will have lots of troubles to rearrange the folder hierarchy.

- OCR does not work. You need a separate OCR program.

- No Unformat button. Other people have complained about this in the Forum.


This is really an awkward feature: it is impossible to unformat f ex a http link, remove a table without removing the text etc

- Copy Image: in the Mac version it is not possible to right click on an image and copy it. You can go arround this problem by exporting command but that is quite annoying. It seems that the Windows version can do this better.

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My personal dislikes:

- My selection of multiple notes gets lost, when I drag a tag on it (only the first note remains selected)

- List is jumping up that the selected note is last one within the window (if more notes are shown as window height)

- PDF preview is refreshed, when dragging a tag on the note

Please EN, leave selection, scrollbar and preview untouched - work would be much easier when tagging multiple notes...


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A back button would be really really useful
by Mengwong

You can sort your notes by Updated column. Sometimes you have to press the Sync buttom too on the Desktop version, and Reload on the Online version.

This partly replaces the Back Buttom.

Of course it would be more convenient if you could press a buttom only once, and go back exactly to the place where you left editing last time in the text, i e step back and forth between notes you worked with or in the same note jump to previous editing position etc

My suggestion does not appeal the EN users (see my Posts).

Most of the users do not wish changes at all, they seem to be very happy with EN as it is and leave it to the staff to implement new ideas, there is no feedback to the staff. And the news are scanty with EN.... it will stay like this for years.

PS: this feature is now implemented in EN 2.2.1

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