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(Archived) data lost after trying to save a note


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as i was editing a note to establish an inventory of my cellar(!), i lost some informations after trying to save the note i was editing. I had already saved a few time the note during the inventory, so it was not very serious. But i now ask myself if evernote android saves informations on the phone before i click on "save". Is the "save" button a way to save locally or to start a sync process? Is there a way to avoid losing data if the "save process" doesn't work properly ?

In fact, is there a way to secure the content of a note i'm editing?

thanks for your answers,


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Hi Eric,

The current logic is to save and send the note content to server when you hit "save".

It is divided into 2 steps -

1. Save the note content on file system

2. Sync the saved note content to the server.

If step 1 fails for some reason then there are chances to loose the note content.

We are working on the logic to make step 1 more fail safe and recoverable.



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