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REQUEST: Default sizes for PDF attachments; resizing




I scan a lot of receipts as PDFs and import them into Evernote (Mac version).

This works quite well except that I prefer to see them at their Actual Size (or close to it), because the receipts are quite often long and narrow, which with the default setting of "Automatically Resize" means that they end up quite large, stretched across the width of the note window.

It would be great if was possible to:

a) have an option in the Evernote application preferences for a default size for PDF attachments (there is already an option for how to view newly clipped PDFs) and/or

B) be able to change the size of an attachment via AppleScript (I tried to figure out how to do this with UI scripting of window and menu handles [1] but failed); being able to get a list of the attachments in a note would also be useful.

It doesn't look like this is covered in your API either:


Also, at the moment, the size of an attachment does not appear to be saved on the Evernote servers; i.e. changing the size of an attachment in a note on one Evernote client (e.g. on my MacBook Pro) doesn't also change it in another Evernote client (e.g. on my Mac mini). It would be great if this was possible too. :)

Here are forum threads discussing similar issues:




[1] See http://lists.apple.com/archives/applesc ... 00484.html , http://hints.macworld.com/article.php?s ... 1045743404 and http://www.mactech.com/articles/mactech ... index.html for more details.

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