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(Archived) Capturing is poor quality

Mata Hari


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Same here. When capturing say a newspaper text (formatted) from a webpage, it will be difficult to read on the iPad. Font is too large and line-height = 0.

This is a small negative point for an otherwise great app!

/ bw, okn

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To add:

In another attempt, I used Textwrangler to get rid of any formatting, pasted the text back into EVERNOTE, chose Verdana 14 and then 18 as new formatting, result on the iPad:

Verdana 14: text is far too small, looks like size 6 pt.

Verdana 16: non-existing

Verdana 18: text is too big, looks like bold text, lineheight almost = 0

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A click on the elephant icon while on internet browsing, will immediately alert you that a clip is pasted into EN

The quality of this clip is so poor that I never use this clipping function, other than for spcial cases

Besides, I cant get rid of the formatting, should I wish so.

Sometimes I only need plain text, not formatted text

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