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(Archived) why is this popup showing up so many times?




on a windows computer,

i had 12MB of text in my clipboard and pasted it to EN.

after getting this message,


i clicked "close", but this message comes every 5-10 minutes.

in the meantime, i couldnt use EN, because it was not responding.

after half an hour closing the window, waiting and closing it again, i finally had to kill EN via the taskmanager.

then, nothing more happened.

now, a day later, on the mac client, i got this error:


i assume, it "origins.txt" refers to the note on the PC client, but i don't know, because EN does not mention the notebook, the note is in.

i have more than one note, called "origins.txt". so which one would this be?

and how can i solve the problem?

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