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(Archived) Firefox Extension with Windows native clipping


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Greetings All!

No change for me!

I am running FF4 on an HP Quad core box with Windows 7 x64 Sp1 and the new extension seems to not do anything differently.

When I click on the icon on the FF toolbar, Evernote still tries to call home and asks me for log-in info and nothing happens locally.

I had never used the hot key before, so I tried that and Great Gloriosky! my selected text with images was pasted into a new note locally

without the call-home-and-sign-in non-sense.

So, I am a happy camper........ just have to push a key instead of click on an icon.

Best 'o Luck .........


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I tried the new extension. It still doesn't clip to the local data base. It requires several steps to save, then you have to sync to get it locally. I liked the old way -- clip and go -- get the "1note added" message in the tray.

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